Famous Green Label Surf Wax

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Famous Green Label surf wax is petro-chemical free, organic and completely biodegradable, high performance surf wax. Made exclusively with ultra-high grade, all-natural, non-toxic, earth-friendly ingredients that will satisfy any earth-conscious surfer.

Green Label also features recycled FSC-certified packaging printed with soy ink and is made exclusively in the USA.

For more information on FSC-certified products, please visit www.fscus.org

Basecoat: (Very important for all temps)
Tropical: 78°F or warmer/ 26°C or warmer
Warm: 68°-78°F/ 20°-26°C
Cool: 58°-68°F/ 14°-20°C
Cold: Below 60°F/ Below 15°C

Note: Green Label wax is free of oil so it does not work well if placed on top of or mixed with other petroleum-based surf wax. Make sure to use Green Label Basecoat for best results.

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